Scams to Avoid in Vietnam

You had better be conscious of frauds in Vietnam in place of involving in them. Eventually, you should warn yourself before coming because the occurrence in the bad event can destroy your relaxing time on the journey. It is fairly clear to recognize the frauds and prevent them by the doubtfulness. However, it will be difficult to avoid some others. Wherever you are, you have to be conscious with things around you particularly in some strange areas.

You should avoid the unexpected situations so that you will not be deceived. We have collected some popular frauds in this country and solutions for you. Therefore, you will explore the charming sceneries of the country leisurely.
Travelers from western countries are often the victims of street vendors because they have no idea about the indigenous culture. They may be asked for taking pictures with these sellers’ tools and compel them to pay for this unexpected service. Provided that they show disagreement, they will be chased until they pay the money or buy some items for these guys. Moreover, kids who act as the handicapped or homeless will implore for cash nearby some restaurants or tourist spots. The way to prevent this situation happen is that refuse their invitation politely. In case that these street sellers are headstrong, you must leave them.
This country is likely to be famous for stunning dishes at reasonable price. However, it still has restaurants which force travelers to pay excessively high for the food. The majority of staffs of dining spots do not speak English well. In some cases, they even act as they do not understand even though they can converse in this international language. Thus, they reply your question about price unclearly and try to persuade that their food is inexpensive. This phenomenon leads to the result that visitors have to pay over the real value. The advice is that before ordering food, you should watch from the menu and make sure that you know the price. Another solution is searching for the information before coming or enjoying food in restaurants that are received good feedbacks.
It is colorful with the souvenirs in the streets of Vietnam.
It is colorful with the souvenirs in the streets of Vietnam.
Tourists are impressed by colonial architecture, charming sceneries like Ha Long Bay or Mui Ne Sand Dunes or unspoiled Buddhist temples in Vietnam. It is easy to catch the sight of strangers telling foreigners to pay the fee for entry tourist spots. In this situation, you have to seek for information when you consider a journey to this country. It is notable that almost all Vietnamese Buddhist pagodas do not require entrance fee despite the welcoming charity. 

A trick that some independent small hostels often use is that they tell that rooms are nearly full-booked. Thus, tourists have to pay more to reserve the available ones which are usually high-end and expensive. You will be confused whether to give them more money or cancel your trip. In that case, most people will choose the first option. The tip for you is that reserve the accommodation via trustworthy reserving website. You should also carry the email of confirmation. 

Vietnam is the paradise of street foods.
Vietnam is the paradise of street foods. But sometimes, it can be more expensive for foreigners.
Foreigners are likely to pass many kiosks where they sell counterfeit items, for instance watches, purses and bags at indigenous markets. However, some sellers insist that their pearls, silk and warfare relics are authentic but they are inexpensive. You will be deceived by this attractive offer and purchase fake items. Thus, before paying money for anything, you should check it carefully, particularly in the case that the packaged one will be changed by a fake item easily.
Among the way of moving in Vietnam, taxi is the most convenient and quickest one. You will sit comfortably in a cool space in place of huddling in a bus and seeking for a seat. There is a situation that tourists are the targets that cunning drivers cheat by suggesting a flat rate to your expected spot, driving on longer roads or turning off the meter-measure. We advise that you should use taxi service with meter counting and take the taxis of famous brands like Mai Linh and Vinasun. You can ask the receptionist for call the taxi for you provided that you start at the hotel.

Enjoy the sea-side hotels but don't forget to avoid its price scam.
Enjoy the sea-side hotels but don't forget to avoid its price scam.
In some regions that the main vehicle is motorbike, tourists are prone to be cheated by motorbike rentals. The frauds range from stealing the hired motorbike in order to being made up for, fake bikes or damaged parts. They also deceive you by lying that riding a bike in Vietnam does not require a permit but in fact it must be. In case that the policeman catches you, you have to be fined and the bike may be confiscated within a month. Before renting the bike, you should check it carefully and own a valid driving license. You may also take the photos of the bike when you receive to make it clear that whether it damages or scratches anywhere with the observation of renters. 
Traveling by train at night can be considered as an economical moving way through Vietnamese that both long-time tourists and backpackers often choose. But they may be entrapped by many fake websites of travelling by train which make up cheap price ticket. However, when you come to the railway station, you have to pay for the surcharge. There is also a popular fraud that strangers face you at the entrance gate and offer you discounted ticket. The advice is that you should purchase tickets via official website, trustworthy tourism agency or hotels. To be safer, you can come directly to the railway station to get the real one.   

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