Dalat Homestay Tour - Discover Highlander’s life

The Central Highlands, once for your journey to the evergreen and fresh landnames surrounded vast mountains, coffee plantations, rubber forests or pepper gardens… Furthermore, there are many unspoilt landscapes and interest things retain guests such as delighted culture, beautiful nature and exciting adventure…

Place: Da Lat City with K'ho village - Langbiang Hill - Dankia Stream - Natural Forest
For this tour, you will not be staying in luxury hotels and restaurants but the rustic village of the K’ho under at the foot of Langbiang Mountain. It is just a simple stilt house in wood with two curved roofs, tiled with grass. The door is a wood staircase. Almost daily life activities take place around the fire stove inside the house. 

In the past, travel tours to this place often took place in one day which meant you cannot experience a night at the villages here. However, current tours offer you chance to enjoy natural landscapes and traditional dishes; to immerse into daily life atmosphere of the ethnic groups. Thus, you can learn about their customs as well as traditions.

A new day starts in peaceful at the village. The sun appears behind Langbiang Mountain; birds sing their songs on range of old pine trees; the cocks standing on dry rice dune crow merrily while the cluster of chicks run following their mother; pigs grunt while looking for foods in coffee garden and the sound of buffalo on the fields. Stepping outside, you shall encounter the amazing views of the village with the Bidup range of mountains behind, as if to protect the locals here. Dankia Stream whispers day to night as the mother comforting her children. This stream is also the source of water for the domestic and cultural use of the people here. 

Another interesting experience here is following local boys and men to enter the forests looking for firewood, vegetable, animals for food; to down to streams catching fish, crabs and so on. Those experiences would give you lots of living skills that the life in city cannot teach you. In addition, local girls will show you how to find materials and make colourings to dye brocades and also the technique of brocade weaving. You will also learn about the method of making wine and some local foods of the K’ho.   

Beside the traditional foods, it would be unforgettable experience to join the campfire night when you will be enjoying sound of gongs, talking to the locals, dancing with the young boys and girls and trying on wine with local bacon. 
You will be attracted by the legends of love related to Langbiang Mountain or the story of “seven cicadas” told by the elderly people or village leaders. The special thing here is that there is no competition to draw visitors as other tourist areas. The people here and their love to people, their solidarity is the thing attracting tourists.   

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